Content Notes

This page is meant as a resource for anyone who wants to know in advance whether a given book or story of ours contains any of the material commonly found to be either triggering or inappropriate for younger readers.

Note that this page contains spoilers. We have listed the types of material found in a given story; where we feel it necessary to give details (e.g. not just “major character death” but which character dies), we have put the details in rot13 cipher; you can decode this by copying the text to this site. If you would like additional detail on any of these warnings, please feel free to contact us.

The following elements are included in the content warnings:

  • Violence
    • Non-graphic violence (mention, but little description)
    • Graphic violence (detailed description)
    • Sexual violence
    • Police violence
    • Murder
    • Suicide
    • Major character death
  • Profanity
    • Mild profanity (i.e. “damn,” “hell,” etc)
    • Strong profanity (i.e. “fuck”)
  • Sexual content
    • Mild sexual content (i.e. reference to sex, but no direct depiction)
    • Moderate sexual content (direct depiction, but no graphic terminology)
  • Drug use or addiction (not including tobacco, but including alcoholism)
  • Mental illness (PTSD, depression, etc)
  • Psychological abuse
  • Harm to children
  • Parental death

Obviously there are judgement calls involved here; people’s boundaries between “non-graphic” and “graphic” violence differ, etc. We have not listed graphic sexual content, torture, domestic abuse, harm to animals, or medical grue because we cannot recall any instances of those in our fiction; if that changes, we will add them to the list. If you know of any errors in this list, please drop us a line and we will update it as soon as possible. (And if you find an error in this list by accidentally stumbling across something very upsetting to you, we sincerely apologize.)

The Mask of Mirrors

  • Graphic violence
  • Fear of sexual violence (no actual incidents)
  • Police violence and rioting
  • Murder
  • Major character death — vapyhqvat bar flzcngurgvp punenpgre, Yrngb Genrzragvf.
  • Strong profanity
  • Moderate sexual content
  • Drug use — the mild hallucinogen aža is used for both sacred and recreational purposes; n qvssrerag qeht pnhfrf ubeevsvp unyyhpvangvbaf naq rira erny genafsbezngvbaf, naq punenpgref ner fhowrpgrq gb vg ntnvafg gurve jvyy.
  • Mental illness — characters unable to sleep
  • Psychological abuse — recollections of and flashbacks to time spent under the control of the abusive leader of a gang of children
  • Harm to children — N grrantrq obl vf frrzvatyl orngra gb qrngu va gur cebybthr, ohg npghnyyl fheivirf; frireny puvyqera qvr sebz ynpx bs fyrrc; n tvey vf guebja va cevfba naq xvqanccrq, ohg abg fvtavsvpnagyl unezrq.
  • Parental death — recollections of and flashbacks to the death of a parent before the start of the story

“As Tight as Any Knot”

  • Non-graphic violence
  • Reference to the possibility of sexual violence
  • Mild profanity
  • Psychological abuse — manipulation
  • Harm to children
  • Parental death — immediate aftermath of the death of a mother