Rook and Rose short stories

“As Tight as Any Knot”

Ondrakja had a sharp eye for valuable things. A handkerchief of fine lace from southern Vraszan. An inlaid ivory snuffbox. A purse fat with coins and left too vulnerable, ready to nick off a man’s belt while he was distracted. A girl begging on the corner of the Uča Idvo.

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“Pearl’s Price”

A novelette about the downfall of Kaius Rex and the creation of the legendary, immortal outlaw who defends Nadežra to this day.

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“Constant Ivan and Clever Natalya”

Of three parts is every story woven: the warp, the weft, and the fabric they make together. The warp is Constant Ivan, strong and steady. The weft is Clever Natalya, darting here and there. As for the fabric they make, listen and you shall hear.

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