Pattern Card List

By popular demand, here is a full list of the cards in the pattern deck, with brief interpretations for each. You are welcome to create a deck for your own use, e.g. by writing the names onto blank cards (which is how we’ve done it ourselves), but please do not attempt to put such a thing up for sale. We hope in the not too distant future to make an official version available.


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The spinning thread (spindle image)

Hundred Lanterns Rise
the card of release
Revealed: Freedom from attachment. Letting go. Voluntary sacrifice.
Veiled: Excessive attachment. Refusal to let go. Involuntary sacrifice.

Wings in Silk
the card of transformation
Revealed: Crossing a threshold. Something bad turned to good. A new stage begins.
Veiled: Point of no return. Undesirable mutation. Failure to transform.

Two Roads Cross
the card of decision
Revealed: An opportunity to take action. No more delay. Subject knows their course.
Veiled: Helplessness. Indecisiveness. To act now would be disastrous.

Orin and Orasz
the card of duality
Revealed: Hidden layers. All things contain their opposite. Look at both sides of the situation.
Veiled: Deception. Two-faced behavior. Conflicted feelings.

Sisters Victorious
the card of courage
Revealed: Rise to the challenge. Reach inside for strength.
Veiled: Cowardice. Self-doubt. Insurmountable challenge.

Pouncing Cat
the card of lessons
Revealed: New skills are needed. Learn from the situation. Go back to basics.
Veiled: Failure to learn. confidence in one’s knowledge.

Drowning Breath
the card of fear
Revealed: Exercise caution. Imagined peril.
Veiled: Real danger. Holding back too much.

Lark Aloft
the card of messages
Revealed: New information. A beneficial message is coming.
Veiled: Unwelcome news. A malicious messenger.

Jump at the Sun
the card of risk
Revealed: Take a leap of faith. Risk brings reward.
Veiled: Losing all on a toss of the dice.

Hare and Hound
the card of adaptation
Revealed: A different tactic is required. Adjust the circumstances. A turn for the better.
Veiled: Unreliability. Failure to keep up with changes. A turn for the worse.

Aža’s Call
the card of illusions
Revealed: Dreams. Keeping up appearances.
Veiled: Misconceptions. Delusional aspirations. Clinging to facades.

The Peacock’s Web
the card of riddles
Revealed: Look for clues. The solution is at hand.
Veiled: An unsolvable riddle. A key is needed.

The Face of Stars
the card of good fortune and destiny
Revealed: A stroke of luck. Achieving what is desired or intended.
Veiled: Plodding through the hard way. Doing what is necessary right now rather than what is ultimately needed.

The Mask of Night
the card of bad fortune and doom
Revealed: Ill luck will soon pass or can be averted. It’s time to escape the current trap.
Veiled: The situation will not turn out well. Subject should abort their course.

The Face of Glass
the card of truth and honesty
Revealed: Sincerity. Clear thinking. Revelations.
Veiled: Hurtful truths. Truth told to cause pain.

The Mask of Mirrors
the card of lies and secrets
Revealed: White lies. Iinformation withheld for protection or a pleasant surprise.
Veiled: Hidden forces. Poisonous secrets. Malicious lies.

The Face of Light
the card of logic and the future
Revealed: Exercise restraint. Consider all the facts. Time to make plans.
Veiled: Failure to plan. Lapse of self-control. Emotions overwhelm good sense.

The Mask of Nothing
the card of madness and indulgence
Revealed: Unrestrained revelry. Feigned madness. The necessity of doing the unexpected.
Veiled: Delusions. Rash action. Blind faith.

The Face of Ages
the card of memory and the past
Revealed: Scholarship. Forgotten details. Look to history or tradition for guidance.
Veiled: Misconceptions. Subject is mired in the past. A problem resurfaces.

The Mask of Fools
the card of ignorance and instinct
Revealed: Trust your instincts. Recognize the limits of your knowledge. Do not dig too deep.
Veiled: Insufficient information. Refusal to see the obvious. Excessive confidence.


The woven thread (shuttle image)

The Welcoming Bowl
the card of arrivals
Revealed: A newcomer to the situation. Hospitality. Aid from an unexpected source.
Veiled: Unwelcome guests. A new arrival brings danger.

Saffron and Salt
the card of deals
Revealed: Negotiation in good faith. Seek compromise. Mutual profit.
Veiled: Unwillingness to compromise. False dealing. Unfair trade.

The Liar’s Knot
the card of trust
Revealed: Loyalty. Someone has the subject’s back.
Veiled: Mistrust. Trust placed in the wrong person. Betrayal.

Mother Unveiled
the card of teaching
Revealed: Mentorship. Learn from another. Share your skills.
Veiled: Refusal to teach. Bad advice.

Sword in Hand
the card of commitment
Revealed: Stay the course. Stand up for an idea or a person.
Veiled: Commitment to the wrong cause. Foolhardy refusal to swerve.

Seven as One
the card of institutions
Revealed: Benevolent forces. Seek aid from society.
Veiled: Impersonal or malevolent forces. Society will not help. Institutions bar the way.

The Ember Adamant
the card of debts
Revealed: Vows. Obligations fulfilled. Someone owes the subject aid.
Veiled: Broken promises. Obligations unfulfilled. Ruinous debt.

Warp and Weft
the card of union
Revealed: Stronger together than apart. Marriage. New partnerships. Reunion.
Veiled: Disastrous unions. One side overpowers another. Permanent dissolution.

Three Hands Join
the card of aid
Revealed: Seek allies. Offer assistance.
Veiled: Obstructionism. Rivals. An enemy blocks the subject’s path.

The Laughing Crow
the card of communication
Revealed: Ask someone else. Share what you know. Resolve disputes through discussion.
Veiled: Failure to communicate. Unclear communication. Do not speak out.

Ten Coins Sing
the card of generosity
Revealed: Charity. Forgiveness. An open heart.
Veiled: Lack of charity. Taking advantage. Hard-heartedness.

Pearl’s Promise
the card of reward
Revealed: Acknowledgement. Labor rewarded. Goals achieved.
Veiled: Effort goes unrecognized. The undertaking will not succeed.

The Face of Crowns
the card of leadership and patriotism
Revealed: A wise ruler. Loyal subjects.
Veiled: Lack of leadership. Breakdown of government.

The Mask of Knives
the card of tyranny and rebellion
Revealed: Beneficial revolution. Harsh but necessary command.
Veiled: An unjust ruler. Autocracy. Revolt.

The Face of Song
the card of love and peace
Revealed: Friendship. Romantic love. Reconciliation. Nonviolent solutions.
Veiled: Papering over problems in the name of peace. Love blinds you to someone’s faults.

The Mask of Ravens
the card of violence, and hatred
Revealed: Allies in a struggle. Fighting the good fight.
Veiled: Violent conflict. Grudges. Vendetta. Prejudice.

The Face of Weaving
the card of community and kinship
Revealed: Family. Ancestral legacies. Strength in numbers. No need to stand alone.
Veiled: Social context or obligations trap you. A group devours itself from within.

The Mask of Unraveling
the card of isolation and loneliness
Revealed: Inner strength and resilience. Self-sufficiency.
Veiled: No one will come. You will fall alone.

The Face of Balance
the card of justice and law
Revealed: Legal recourse. Wrongdoers punished. Trust the system.
Veiled: Draconian justice. Rule of law without empathy. Escaping on a technicality.

The Mask of Chaos
the card of crime and disorder
Revealed: Step outside an unjust system. A small wrong is better than a large one.
Veiled: Theft. Murder. Riot. Lack of consequences.


The cut thread (shears image)

Coffer and Key
the card of objects
Revealed: An object is beneficial to the situation. Right tool for the job.
Veiled: An object is the source of the difficulty. Rid yourself of unnecessary burdens.

The River’s Blessing
the card of resources
Revealed: Abundant supplies. You have enough.
Veiled: Lack of what is needed. Supply cut off at a crucial time.

Dawn and Dusk
the card of travel
Revealed: Beneficial journeys. Move onward. Look elsewhere.
Veiled: The journey will end badly. Now is not the right time to leave.

A Brother Lost
the card of wounds
Revealed: Recovery from past injury. Whatever is broken can be mended.
Veiled: An unhealed wound. Hidden damage. Broken beyond recall.

Storm Against Stone
the card of power
Revealed: Raw strength will suffice. Call on all available force. Stand strong against the storm. Veiled: Strength fails. The subject will be crushed. Power too strong to control.

Turtle in Her Shell
the card of protection
Revealed: Invulnerability to danger. A guardian.
Veiled: Vulnerability. The subject is too closed off.

Four Petals Fall
the card of nature
Revealed: Natural beauty. Ground oneself in simpler things.
Veiled: Giving in to primal urges. Civilization is only a veneer.

Sleeping Waters
the card of place
Revealed: A location is beneficial to the situation. Act in the right place to bring success.
Veiled: A location is the source of the difficulty. The subject is without proper foundation.

A Spiraling Fire
the card of passion
Revealed: Physical pleasures. Seduction. Energetic activity.
Veiled: Burnout. Destructive passion. Hedonism to excess.

Reeds Unbroken
the card of endurance
Revealed: Surviving trials. Coming through unscathed. You are stronger than you think.
Veiled: Too much to endure. Collapse. Putting up with something you shouldn’t.

Labyrinth’s Heart
the card of stillness
Revealed: Eye of the storm. Serenity. Patience.
Veiled: Stagnation. Lethargy. Indolence.

One Poppy Weeps
the card of pain
Revealed: Pain as a warning. Suffering leads to growth. Distress alleviated.
Veiled: Meaningless suffering. Sadism. Pain brings weakness.

The Face of Roses
the card of health and medicine
Revealed: Good health. Swift recovery from illness. Purity.
Veiled: Need for a doctor. Quackery in the guise of medicine. Recovery a long time in coming.

The Mask of Worms
the card of disease and poison
Veiled: Plague. Ill health. Weakness. Hidden malice.
Revealed: Recovery comes at a cost. Lancing a boil is painful but necessary.

The Face of Seeds
the card of fertility and beginnings
Revealed: Innocence. A sense of wonder. Children. New opportunities. Natural bounty.
Veiled: Nature’s cruelty. Naivete. Loss of a child. The new beginning will fail or is not new at all.

The Mask of Bones
the card of old age and endings
Revealed: Help from elders. Things drawing to a natural close.
Veiled: Death. Grief. Infirmity. Situations dominated by ossified forces.

The Face of Gold
the card of commerce and wealth
Revealed: Beneficial deals. Merchants. Financial security. Good bargains.
Veiled: Profit above ethics. Selfishness brought on by bounty. What you own owns you.

The Mask of Hollows
the card of poverty and loss
Veiled: Financial insecurity. Catastrophic bargains.
Revealed: Asceticism. The value of immaterial things. The people of the street.

The Face of Flame
the card of creation and imbuing
Revealed: Making something. Creative thinking. Put your heart and soul into an endeavor.
Veiled: Lack of inspiration. Lack of passion for a task. Half-hearted effort.

The Mask of Ashes
the card of destruction and dissolution
Veiled: Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. What you have wrought will crumble.
Revealed: Necessary destruction. Clearing the way for something new.


The clan cards (labyrinth image)

The Constant Spirit
the card of the Horse
The virtues and vices of the Meszaros clan. Honest, hard-working, enduring, stubborn, conservative, slow-witted.

The Friendly Fist
the card of the Rat
The virtues and vices of the Stretsko clan. Resilient, resourceful, strong in numbers, clannish, sneaky, untrustworthy.

The Silent Witness
the card of the Ghost Owl
The virtues and vices of the Anoškin clan. Calm, watchful, learned, pragmatic, fatalistic, dour.

The Kindly Spinner
the card of the Peacock Spider
The virtues and vices of the Varadi clan. Meticulous, patient, artistic, manipulative, cold-blooded, antisocial.

The Artful Gentleman
the card of the Fox
The virtues and vices of the Dvornik clan. Dashing, adventurous, silver-tongued, flighty, indecisive, cocky.

The Hidden Eye
the card of the Raccoon
The virtues and vices of the Kiraly clan. Clever, dextrous, confident, mischievous, secretive, covetous.

The Living Dream (displayed as “The Waking Dream” in the widget)
the card of the Dreamweaver
The virtues and vices of the Ižranyi clan. Wise, intuitive, peace-making, inscrutable, interfering, out of touch.