Deleted Scenes

We cut very little material from The Mask of Mirrors.

We cut a great deal more from The Liar’s Knot.

Some of these cuts happened before we even finished the first draft, as we changed our minds about when and how certain things should happen or scrapped ideas in order to replace them with something that could pull more types of narrative weight at once. (You may not believe this, given how long these books are, but we are constantly fighting to keep them as tight as we can, which means packing in as much efficiency as possible: a side plot that is fine but does only one thing does not pass muster.) Others happened after we sent the manuscript to our editor and got her feedback, causing us to shuffle our priorities around what went into The Liar’s Knot and what got saved for Labyrinth’s Heart. All in all . . . it adds up to a lot. As in, twenty thousand words of complete scenes or major portions thereof — nearly ten percent of the book’s final length!

Not all of those will be shared here, since some of them touch on plot developments we pushed back to Labyrinth’s Heart. But to bridge the gap until that book is released, we will add as much as we can here!

Needless to say — but we’ll say it anyway — here be spoilers. Also, many or most of these will be largely unedited.