Pi (chart) Day!

Happy pi (π) day! Those of you who’ve watched one of our recent virtual events know that I’ve been making astrological charts based on one of the magic systems and the in-world calendar of The Mask of Mirrors. Because that system (numinatria) is so intrinsically tied to mathematics and sacred geometry, it seemed fitting to do a chart for pi day.
Numinatria is an esoteric magic system of numerology and sacred geometry. The numbers 0 through 10 and their corresponding shapes have magical associations and divine power through the Seterin godhead, the Lumen. Numinatrian astrology is based on the Seterin calendar, which divides the 365 day year into ten months of 36 days each, and five intercalary days around the summer solstice (the Seterin New Year). These intercalary days split the month of Colbrilun, representing the division of Illi as both 0 and 10 and the break in the cycle that is death, the return to the Lumen, and rebirth. Two centuries ago, Kaius Rex conquered Nadežra and imposed the Seterin calendar, setting the year of his conquest as year 1. The date at the start of The Mask of Mirrors is 1 Suilun 210. However, astrologers use the original Seterin year to chart horoscopes. The year at the start of the book, according to the Seterin calendar, is 983. Astrological charts, sometimes called trines, are composed of three parts: the Prime (based on the birth month and time of day), which represents the personality of the individual or state of the situation in question, the Alter (based on the birth date and placement in the month), which represents the life path or trajectory of the person or situation in question, and the Trisect (based on the birth year), which represents how the person or situation fits in the larger world context. Charts can be made for a variety of reasons beyond birth dates, from planning an auspicious day to hold an event, to figuring out whether two or more people, families, or institutions are compatible. Remnants of an old Vraszenian tradition similar to the “Monday’s Child” poem associates personality with the day of the week someone was born on. It has nothing to do with Seterin astrology, but many Nadežrans still put some faith in this system. Here’s the reading for Pi Day:
  • Date
    • Gregorian Calendar: March 14, 2021
    • Nadežran Calendar: 30s/e Pavnilun 985 (212)
  • Calculations
    • Prime: Sebat influenced by Sessat
    • Alter: 3rd day of 4th iteration, Tricat (Quarat)
    • Trisect: Ninat, Noctat, Quinat
    • Moon Phases: Corillis Waxing Crescent, Paumillis Last Quarter Fading
    • Charting Notes: Quad 3 sunwise spiral, Sebat on earthwise side, Sessat on sunwise side; Quarat inside Tricat in quad 4; Ninat, Noctat, Quinat on outside.
  • Reading:
    • Ruled by Sebat – Perfection-in-Imperfection
      • Associations: Creativity, Transformation, Renewal
      • Metal: Prismatium
      • Gem: glass prism
      • Color: rainbow (light spectrum)
      • Animal: peacock
    • The individual
      • Sebat – Today is a day to create — do art, craft stuff, make food, channel whatever is in your heart and mind and put it out in the world. It might be imperfect, but you have to make it first before you can make it better. Embrace perfection-in-imperfection.
      • Sessat (influence) – Appreciate friendship, camaraderie, cooperation, and collaboration. We are each one among many, and we can only reach greatness when we’re lifted by others.
    • The path
      • Tricat: All paths have a beginning, a middle, and an end, even if we can’t see those when we’re on them. Home and family are found in the people we meet along the way.
      • Quarat (influence): The path leads to wealth and luck — both good and ill. It is best to share good fortune and let bad fortune pass quickly.
    • The world
      • Year – Quinat: The world is shattered and shaped by great events and great people, like a chisel sculpting stone.
      • Decade – Noctat: The world is a gift meant to be experienced and enjoyed; it is the birthright of every person. But we corrupt that right when we make others pay the price for the pleasure we take.
      • Century – Ninat: This is the final truth of the world: People die, regimes fall, empires crumble. From the ashes springs new life.
    • Interesting Takeaways
      • This is 3.14 Pi day!
      • Seven numena from Tricat to Ninat (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are represented with no repeats. Seven numena is the most that any chart can contain.
      • Sebat is the numen of perfection in imperfection because it is mathematically impossible to create a perfect heptagon. Pi is 22 (11 doubled) divided by 7.
      • Weekday: Ošidny (Anoshkin/owl) – astute observer, aloof cynic, “Ošidny kept his watch at night.”

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