Rook and Rose Book 3, Chapter 26

The climactic chapter!

Unlike the previous two books, we did not write this one in a single day. Which was for the best; neither Alyc nor I have the kind of physical or mental energy for that at the moment, not when what we had to comb through for the final scene was so complex. We finally hit the right notes, and with those in hand, we now know what kinds of hints we need to seed earlier to set that up properly.

. . . everything else I want to say about this would be a spoiler, so I’ll stop there.

Word count: ~188,000
Authorial sadism: We were going to give something back. But then we wrote how this actually plays out, and nope, that character just has to live without it.
Authorial amusement: We damn near sprained something trying to avoid echoing The Princess Bride in a very inappropriate way.
BLR quotient: Look, we’ve said many times this series is anti-grimdark. What do you think wins out, here at the end?

3 Responses to “Rook and Rose Book 3, Chapter 26”

  1. Conna

    Whooot!!!! Goal Met!!! 1st draft by 12/31/21 !!! I am so impressed… and titillated by all the hints in all these teasers.

  2. CILLA Conway

    I have loved these two books (just finished the second reading of both) and came to your website to check out progress on the third. I’m very happy to hear that the first draft is done… I guess we’re talking about another year till it’s out (or is that me being pessimistic?) I’ll keep checking every now and again.

    • Marie Brennan

      Alas, you’re not wrong about the timeline. We don’t have a firm release date yet — there were some shakeups at our publisher that have slowed things down — but the third book definitely won’t be out until next year, hopefully some time in the spring. We’ll let people know as soon as we know more!


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