An update

It’s been quite silent around here, for which we apologize! We do have some updates for you, albeit not quite as detailed as we would like.

As the last post indicated, the draft of the third and final Rook and Rose book is indeed done. After drafting comes revisions, though, and for various reasons outside our control, those got a little delayed. We are hard at work now, so never fear — the book is moving forward to the light of publication!

(. . . wow, you can tell I’m deep in book headspace because my subconscious just tried to gauge where we are along the path of the numina. It decided that finishing the draft is Tricat; revisions are probably Quinat, because this is the stage at which we’re refining it to be as excellent as possible. Sessat is clearly when we hand it off to the institutional machinery of book production to transform from a manuscript into an Actual Book; Noctat is when we paaaaartaaaaay because we’re done? Don’t ask me about the rest of the numina. Especially Ninat, which feels rather ominous for publication itself, even though Alyc and Tanaquis would both tell me that not all thresholds are bad. Admittedly, “authors iz ded” is often an apt summation of how we feel by the time that day rolls around.)

Anyway, what we don’t have for you yet is a pub date. As some of you may have guessed, it will not, alas, be in 2022; the little delays along the way have added up to put that out of reach. But you can expect to see the book on the shelves in 2023 — we’ll let you know as soon as we have a more precise answer than that!

In the meanwhile, do keep an eye on this space, because we have things to post to tide you over. I’ve got some Rook and Rose short fiction in the pipeline, and we do intend to post things like the annotations for The Liar’s Knot, plus maybe some deleted scenes (of which the second book had more than the first). Those, however, will have to take a back seat to the revisions themselves, so we can get the finale to you as soon as possible!

6 Responses to “An update”

  1. John Trollman

    Please advise when third book in print

  2. Cris

    I am SO intensely excited for the third book!! Any ideas on the audiobook release date (in comparison to the unknown book release date, I mean), and if it will have the same delightful and phenomenal narrator?

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m so sorry — I only just noticed this comment languishing in moderation jail!

      As for the audiobook, our understanding at the moment is that 1) yes, it will have the same narrator (the wonderful Nikki Massoud), and 2) it should be out more or less at the same time as the novel’s print and ebook editions.

  3. Kelli M

    Ahhh, so excited for book #3. I feel like this series is everything I love in books; it feels like it was written just for me. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see where the story goes. Thank you so much for sharing this trilogy and its deeply complicated characters with us.


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