Annotations for The Liar’s Knot!

Happy anniversary of the release of The Liar’s Knot! In an ideal world, you all would be about to receive your copies of Labyrinth’s Heart; alas, you must wait some time longer. But we are doing second-round revisions right now, so you can trust it is on its way, just as fast as we can make it go.

To tide you over, and to celebrate the anniversary of the second book, we’ve posted our annotations! If you missed the ones for The Mask of Mirrors, these are a selection of the comments Alyc and I leave for each other in the margins of the Google doc as we write — not all of them, because many are boring things that say stuff like “check this” and “replace once we have something better,” but the ones you all might find entertaining. Spoiler warning, naturally: don’t go read the annotations if you haven’t yet read the book! (I mean, you can, if you don’t mind spoilers. But also the comments may not be as amusing without more context.)

And if you need more — and haven’t seen it already — check out the deleted scene we posted from The Liar’s Knot! There will be more of those to come . . .

2 Responses to “Annotations for The Liar’s Knot!”

  1. Sylvin

    I love seeing annotations of books and these were hilarious! The Rook-spider scene was so funny I laughed all over again seeing your comments on it too hahaha Just take as long as necessary for book 3, I am going to wait excited but paciently for it 🙂

  2. Kelli M

    Deeply enjoyed those. Thank you for sharing!


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