Aaaaand we’re done(ish)

We have officially sent the copy-edited manuscript of Labyrinth’s Heart back to our editor. We’re not done done with the book, because we still have to go through the page proofs — not to mention promotion and such once it comes out — but since the page proofs are the stage where the book has been typeset and therefore they don’t want you making changes other than corrections of outright errors . . . we’re basically done writing the Rook and Rose series.

Which is sad! And also happy! And also sad! There’s a kind of hangover when you finish a book draft, and a different kind that happens when you finish a series. After literal years of living with these characters in our heads, investing ourselves in their struggles and their hopes . . . it’s done. We think it’s a great ending — and we’re both of the mentality that would rather reach a good, solid conclusion than keep stringing the narrative out until we’re tired of it — but even so. There’s a mourning period, after a series is done.

Alas, you still have to wait until August to reach that point yourself. If you’d like a bit of a taster before then, though, we’re running a bit of a game on our Discord server right now (from January 31st to February 1st), with the prize being an excerpt from Labyrinth’s Heart, shared with our readers there. Come join us!

And stay tuned: in early March, we’ll have something special for you! Watch this space . . .

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  1. Chelsea

    August can’t come soon enough!


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