We! Have! a Cover!

Gentlebeings of all stripes, we are delighted to share with you at last the cover for Labyrinth’s Heart!

cover art for LABYRINTH'S HEART by M.A. Carrick, showing a blue-eyed, brown-skinned man in a gold-and-purple mask accented with interlace patterns

That’s another milestone cleared on our way to August, when all of you will have the complete trilogy in your hands!

And look — don’t they all look gorgeous together?

a triptych of the covers for THE MASK OF MIRRORS, THE LIAR'S KNOT, and LABYRINTH'S HEART by M.A. Carrick, all showing masked faces

Stay tuned for some more exciting news today and tomorrow . . .

13 Responses to “We! Have! a Cover!”

  1. Tabia

    The book cover is GORGEOUS

  2. Carol Leaman

    Good morning ladies
    The cover is absolutely stunning, as are the preceding two but this one is another level yet again whilst beautifully maintaining the theme.
    I’ve been keenly monitoring your progress and now as a lover of purple know that I am simply going to revel in owning the final in your series.
    A huge thank you for making owning your books a wonderful journey and a lush visual experience
    I wish you every success with its release

  3. Ann Dancer

    oooOOooo! Gorgeous cover!! And all three together are stunning!

  4. Saima

    Wow. That’s the most gorgeous cover I’ve ever seen.

    I have to ask tho, is that Grey on the cover??

    • Marie Brennan

      Yes, more or less! The covers aren’t fully representational (e.g. we had a discussion for The Mask of Mirrors about how Ren probably isn’t that dark-skinned if she can pass for Seterin, but from the perspective of image composition it worked better if your eye was drawn to the brighter mask and the text), but in a broad sense, the first book is Ren, the second is Vargo, and the third is Grey.

  5. Karen Holmes

    I can’t wait!!! The cover is as stunning as the other two and I am so hyped for this book. Will spread the word of it everywhere I go ♥


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