The Liar’s Knot Release Day Chart

Today is the release day for THE LIAR’S KNOT, book 2 in the Rook & Rose trilogy. In Nadežra, it’s common to have an astrologer create an astrological numinat for auspicious days — births, marriages, deaths, etc. So I decided to make one for our book’s release day!

What? We created a working card deck oracle with the pattern deck. Of  course we also made a working astrological charting system!

Numinatrian astrological charts, sometimes called trines, are composed of three parts: the Prime (based on the birth month and time of day), which represents the personality of the individual or state of the situation in question, the Alter (based on the birth date and placement in the month), which represents the life path or trajectory of the person or situation in question, and the Trisect (based on the birth year), which represents how the person or situation fits in the larger world context. Remnants of an old Vraszenian tradition similar to the “Monday’s Child” poem associates personality with the day of the week someone was born on. It has nothing to do with Seterin astrology, but many Nadežrans still put some faith in this system.

In the Nadežran calendar, 7 December maps to 5 Equilun. Through no planning of our own, that means that THE LIAR’S KNOT releases on the minor holy day of Equilis Quinat (the fifth day of the fifth month. This is incredibly fitting for this book as Quinat is the numen associated with power, House Acrenix, the Cinquerat, and THE LIAR’S KNOT itself.

So here you go, the chart and reading for today’s very auspicious book launch day!

  • Date
    • Gregorian Calendar: 7 December 2021, daytime
    • Nadežran Calendar: 5s Equilun 986 (213)
  • Calculations
    • Prime: Quinat, influenced by Quarat
    • Alter: 5th day of the 1st iteration, Quinat (Uniat)
    • Trisect: Ninat, Noctat, Sessat
    • Moon Phases: Corillis waxing gibbous, Paumillis waning crescent
    • Charting Notes: Quad 3 sunwise spiral, Quarat on sunwise side, Quinat on earthwise side; Uniat inside Quinat in quad 1; Ninat, Noctat, Sessat on outside.
  • Reading: 
    • Ruled by Quinat – The Hand that Holds the World
      • Associations: Power, Healing, Excellence
      • Metal: iron
      • Gem: ruby
      • Color: red
      • Animal: horse
    • The individual
      • Quinat: This person is committed to excellence. They strive for it in all things and can become frustrated when their goals exceed their grasp. They have the capacity to heal the ills they see in the world, if they can look beyond their own ambitions. 
      • Quarat (influence): This person appreciates the wealth that life has granted them, yet also knows that fate gives with one hand and takes with the other. Nothing in this life is permanent or guaranteed. 
    • The path
      • Quinat: Why take one path when you can take five? Why travel alone when others will follow your lead? Let those others share your burdens, and don’t go so far and fast that you’ve exhausted yourself before you reach your goal. 
      • Uniat (influence): The path is not as important as where you stand right now. Take stock of yourself and your environs. Don’t be distracted by the dangers and rewards ahead, don’t dwell on fears and regrets for what you’ve left behind.
    • The world
      • Year – Sessat: The great events and great people that shatter and shape the world might be the chisel, but the small choices, insignificant individuals, and invisible social structures are the hammer that gives it strength.
      • Decade – Noctat: The world is a gift meant to be experienced and enjoyed; it is the birthright of every person. But we corrupt that right when we make others pay the price for the pleasure we take.
      • Century – Ninat: This is the final truth of the world: People die, regimes fall, empires crumble. From the ashes springs new life.
    • Interesting Takeaways
      • Weekday: Vilačny (Dvornik/fox) – charming bon-vivant, crafty huckster, “Vilačny beguiled with clever tongue.”
      • A waning Corillis and waxing Paumillis suggest that you often run across chances and opportunities, only for them to pass you by before you can take advantage of them.
      • 5 Equilun is the Seterin minor holy day of Equilis Quinat. People take this day to pray for personal improvement and healing. Promotions in the Charterhouse are often given on this day. 
      • Quinat is the numen associated with The Liar’s Knot, House Acrenix, and the Cinquerat.

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  1. km lewis

    Very excited, this is the first book I’ve bought on release day in years.


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